Age of GuARdiANs

1-5 Giugno 2022

partiCipate and sign up

  • In order to participate to an event, please fill out the registration form: it will allow you to give us your In Game and Out Game data, as well as receiving the details about the participation quota and the payment methods.
  • In Game data may include the House you will fight for, the name of your In Game group, your Gardens and Alchemical Lab (if you have them) or your Fire Points.
  • Out Game data may include your personal information, an email address and phone number to contact you, as well as your consent if you are underage.
  • ATTENTION: to participate in Age of Guardians (June 2022) you must show a negative covid test from the last 24 hours, tested in a pharmacy; if you arrive on June 1st, you can do it from 11.00 to 19.00 with our medical staff directly at the event, at a cost of 10 €; you can book this service by clicking .

    Rule set

    • Fair play and security are the fundamentals of this hobby, and the rules themselves are there to make certain actions doable in a simple and direct way: if everybody follows them, everybody will have a pleasant and safe experience.
    • The following chapters will explain how to build your character, the safety rules and the combat guidelines. But not only that: you will find all there is to know about spells, potions, enchanted gear… and much much more, for playing and living the world of Vilegis to its fullest. Please note that some of the most complex dynamics, that require more than one event to be mastered, have not yet been translated… but they soon will be.
    • Just remember this is a game, and its goal is for everybody to be entertained, and to entertain the players around. This way, we will create a great, big story written by all of us.

    arriving at Vilegis

    • Our location, 40 hectares wide, is situated in the heart of the Viterbo fields, just next to Rome. Do not worry, you will just need to put “Vilegis” on your Google Maps, and you will get there!
    • In order to arrive, you will have to go trough a dirt road, with some deep irregularities on the sides. Do not go offroad, and remember to go slow: no more than 20 km/h in order to avoid disturbing the neighbours with your dust.
    • Once arrived to the location, you will have to follow different paths, depending on the time of your arrival (if before or after the Time In, in order to avoid interfering with the game).
    • Few days before the event, on our social media channels, you will find out a map highlighting the two different paths. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be updated!

    eat & sleep

    • Once at the location of your House, ask your PNG or Staff where to set up your In Game tent. Once you have unloaded your car, move it into the Parking Area.
    • If you have an Out Game tent, go directly to the Out Game Tent area. Some Houses have such area in a different place, indicated on the map.
    • Leave a note with your Name and House visible on your car, after you park it. It will be easier for us to locate you in case of emergency.
    • Inside In Game area, only adequately scenographic tents will be accepted. Too modern scenographies (like gazebos), that may ruin the aesthetics, will have to be removed from the In Game Area (you may set them up in the Out Game area if you wish).
    • Remember, if you did not have your In Game tent ready for the event, we suggest you to save energies for the next event and use the Out Game Area: you will still be next to the game, and ready to jump in it!
    • Another important reminder: at the end of the event, leave the area as you found it: no holes, dirt, abandoned materials, and the like.
    • Inside the Citadel you will find stands serving food and beverage, all Italian and with local products! From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, you will find bakery products, main and side dishes (with a vegetarian options), a selection of homemade brewery and draft beers, as well as sandwiches… and of course, pasta and pizza ready to be eaten!
    • It will be possible to cook your own food. Check the Security section of the Game Handbook for further details.
    • Inside the area there will be restrooms (both in ceramic as well as chemical toilets), with showers and water (not heated and not potable); there are no power supplies available.
    • You can rent your own chemical bathroom. Contact us for prices and details.

    our idea

    • Battle for Vilegis is the biggest LARP event in Italy: our meetings are four or five days long, assuring a full immersion in the world of Vilegis, due to the stories that you will live, the amazing structures, the battles, but most of all thanks to all the realities that give life to our events.
    • The story of Battle for Vilegis unwraps into the events, that may see up to 1400 players battle among each other with every mean at their disposal: the goal is Vilegis, the Crossroad of all Worlds. The context is for several types of play: from the pen to the sword, and everything in between. During our events the game never stops, 24 hours a day from the Time In to the Time Out. From battles to explorations, from sieges to rituals, to missions and intrigues of all kind: every player chooses how to face their day and to write their story.
    • Near the Citadel you will find several dark and dangerous places to explore: from the labyrinthine Crypt, where they say that the walls themselves change to trap the adventurers brave enough to go inside, to the mysterious Garden of Dreams, where nightmares and traps hide mystical herbs and reagents.
    • To move the adventurers towards Vilegis, one of the many lands of the world of Lunaria, is the power of the Spectra, thirteen energies that create the Foundation. The Guardians, keepers of this primeval forces, call to them heroes from all the worlds to fight for their beliefs, serving the Spectra you choose to follow.
    • You can chose the House that represent you the most, among the ones actually competing: during the years some Guardians left the place to others when their Summoning weakened, allowing new and different game concept to appear into the Battle For Vilegis, giving you more choice on the Spectrum to follow.
    • This is an open setting: you can select your world of origin following your ideas: you can use already existing settings, as well as ones of your creations, as long as they fit with our visual context (medieval fantasy).
    • The pace of this sandbox game is completely up to you: you can be into night raids, or live a quiet afternoon in the fortification of your House. You can fight in every battle, or you can watch them from afar with a beer in your hand. The choice is yours, and the only goal is to have fun!
    • Remember: there are no forced choices, and your role play actions have role play consequences, that will lead to more roleplay.
    • In our setting, the PNG (Non Player Characters) are not the protagonists of the game: they are there to make you play. Do not fear talking to them, they are here for you: they may give you missions, suggestions or tasks!
    • Battle for Vilegis is based on two principles: the interaction between players, and the challenges that they face. Whatever will be your goal (power, fame, or wealth) you will always meet those two principles. The challanges we offer are open to everyone, but you and the other players will decide what you will get: in good or bad, every action opens, closes, and intertwines with other… all of them, decided by other players like you. The game does not gift you anything, but allows you to conquer everything!

    contact us

    • If you have any questions, contact us using the form below or directly on our Facebook page.
    • Other that contacting us, you may find other information contacting your House companions, making new friends in the process. You will find their Facebook groups on our website, as well as their private channels on our Discord server.